Ariana Grande Announces New Album 'Eternal Sunshine’

With Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande embarks on her seventh studio album, which comes behind the 2020 album Positions. It was just five days ago when Grade released her new track “yes, and?”, which already has over 18 million views on YouTube. The energetic pop track opens a new era for the star. One in which she’s silencing the critics in standing truthfully in her passions, desires and being happy. “Now I’m so done with caring what you think / No I won’t hide underneath your own projections or change my most authentic life,” she sings. “Boy come on put your lipstick on / Come on and walk this way through the fire,” sings Grande in the song.

The high-energy and grabbing music video was also embedded with a couple of hints. When the music video opens, a red card is seen with “AG7,” coordinates to Montauk and the phrase “your presence has been exclusively requested.” Now we know that the hint was nodding to her forthcoming seventh studio album. Eternal Sunshine is set to be released on Friday, March 8.

In case you’ve missed it, go check out Ariana Grande’s new track and music video “yes, and?.”

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