"Water" singer, Tyla, has canceled all of her upcoming perfomances as she is dealing with an undisclosed health concern.

The songstress shares the news via Instagram with her fans. "All of you know that this moment you have all helped me transform into a reality, has been a life-long dream. I am so grateful and humbled by this past year and the way it’s changed my life I can never thank you guys enough for all your loving support, all the joy, the laughter, and the wins" the statement reads.

"As much as this is something I would rather have dealt with privately Its important that I share what I have to share with you today. For the past year I’ve been silently suffering with an injury that has tragically worsened. I’ve seen doctors and specialists with high hopes but the pain has only become more agonizing as has the severity of the situation," she said.

“I am absolutely heartbroken to have to say this but as of right now I won’t be able to proceed with the tour.”

She captions the statement, y’all still gonna see me around Tygers so don’t worry too much… just know when I’m back to performing pain free, I’m gonna be even more of a problem. It’s hard having to turn down opportunities you’ve been waiting your whole life for but God has his plan.."

We are sending well wishes to Tyla at this time.

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